About Our Business
This product was born out of a conversation with a retired Chief in the US Navy.  Most of his Navy time was spent on an aircraft
carrier and subs.  As he recounted some stories about life at sea, one of the things he commented on was the challenge of
making his ‘rack’ with sheets that just don’t fit.  He told us that the standard issued flat, unfitted sheets were difficult to make in
the tight confines of the ‘bunk-bed style’ berthing quarters.  

After much contemplation, we finally set out to create a business that makes sheets for US sailors.   We hope you enjoy the
products and we hope they make your life aboard the ship more comfortable.

We would like to sincerely thank all members of the armed forces for standing watch and providing the very "blanket of freedom”
that Americans (and many other countries) sleep under each night.
About Us