Quality Manufacturing
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Our sheets are made of high  quality
material, 100% cotton, with 320 total
Thread Count.  You'll love the fit, the
comfort and the convenience!  Click on
the image below for more images of the
Custom fit Mattress Pads
Make your rack even
more comfortable!

Custom Embroidery
Customize you sheet
and make them yours!

This product is sold as a bundle and includes the following:
One bottom/fitted sheet
  • Designed to fit both enlisted and jr. officer mattresses (2", 4" or 6"
  • Completely elasticated, around the entire perimeter, ensuring a snug fit
    on any mattress!
One top / flat sheet featuring PermaTuck
One standard-sized pillow case
One mesh "sack" that can be continually used a convenient laundry bag,
beach/dive bag, or just a handy carryall.
  • 1 set WAS $34.95 -- NOW ONLY $29.75
  • 2 sets WERE $59.90 ($29.95 each) -- NOW ONLY $54.90 (27.45 each)
  • PLUS shipping on the second set is free (saving another $10.35)

  • Shipping: $10.35 via US Postal Service "Priority Mail"
  • Pricing for flat rate shipping is available for to any US address including
    all APO/FPO addresses
  • Each "Flat Rate" box can hold 2 sets of sheets - So buy 2 and save
PermaTuck tm
PermaTuck is our solution to
sheets that are continually coming
un-tucked.  We've actually sewn the
foot of the top/flat sheet to the foot of
the bottom/fitted sheet. By doing
this we've created a sheet that is
permanently tucked at the foot of
your bed.  This does NOT restrict
any movement, allows your feet
plenty of room, and feels exactly like
a normal tucked sheet.  PLUS...
You only have to make your rack
ONCE!  No more re-tucking the
sheets each morning!

Click here for images of PermaTuck
Note: Shipping times may take up to 2 weeks and prices are for domestic (US or APO/FPO) addresses only.  
International shipping is available, but additional charges will apply.  Shipping time does not include transit
times to ship/int'l destination from APO/FPO.
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